To Deliver Faster We Use Small Vehicle Instead of Big Vehicle


M Yakub Chowdhury Logo is in Pajero Jeep Made by Photo Magic

Due to heavy traffic jam in Bangladesh AYZ Express use small vehicle to deliver faster.

We have seen that delivery by motor cycle is the fastest ever.

When there are traffic jam in the road, big vehicles are waiting to release from jam, our motor cycle riders deliver by the mean time.

Again during Dhaka Chittagong or Chittagong Dhaka transportation big truck can not enter into the city during day.

So we use small delivery van that can enter any time.

When other courier company truck is waiting in the line to enter into city, we already delivered by the mean time.


AYZ Express Service – Logistics company in Bangladesh.

AYZ Express Service is a logistics company in Bangladesh.

It offers
express courier,
air freight,
sea freight,
sea+air services

between Bangladesh and rest of the world.

Whether you want to send or bring a letter
or samples or bulk shpts from to Bangladesh
and rest of the word you can use our service.

We offer the most competitive rates in the market.

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